Remote Support

1) Click on a download link/button below. 
2) When the file is done downloading click on it to install it. 
3) Call us on (844) 967-7966 when you are ready to be helped remotely!

Q: How do I install the Mac Agent?

1) When it finishes downloading the Mac Agent, double click the .pkg file to launch it.
2) Follow the installation prompts.
3) During the installation, you will likely be prompted to enable Full Disk Access (Mojave 10.14 and newer) and/or Screen recording (High Sierra 10.13 and newer) permissions. Next to Full Disk Access, click Enable.
4) If it does not automatically open the Security & Privacy settings, click Provide permissions.
5) In the Security & Privacy settings, you will see a SyncroMSP setting. Click the checkbox to its left to enable it.
​a) If you do not see SyncroMSP listed inside Full Disk Access, click the + below the list (you may need to unlock the lock in the lower left first to do this).
​b) Click the drive selector at the top and select Macintosh HD.
​c) Click Library > Application Support > SyncroMSP > SyncroMSP.
​d) Click Open.
6) Go back to Syncro and, if it is there (it likely won't be on macOS 10.13 and 10.14), by Screen recording click Enable.
7) If this Screen Recording dialog appears, click Open System Preferences.
8) Just like you did for Full Disk Access, check the box to the left of SyncroMSP for Screen Recording.
9) Once you have enabled the permissions, the Provide permissions dialog will change to your logo and you may close it.